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Learning Agreements

Learning Agreements


Diana Königseder
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A Learning Agreement is a document issued prior to a student's stay abroad with an overview of what courses completed or credits obtained abroad are recognized by the University of Passau.

For a full overview, please refer to thisinformation leaflet

Criteria for the recognition of courses completed and credits obtained abroad

  • The syllabus of the course must correspond to that of the counterpart course in Passau
  • The course must run at the same time as its counterpart in Passau
  • The number of contact hours must correspond to that of the course in Passau
  • Students must sit a written exam. However, a combined written/oral exam is also acceptable.

Before you go abroad please be sure to enquire about the courses offered abroad and verify whether the syllabus of the courses and their timing correspond to those of the counterpart courses offered in Passau.

Once you have gathered this information you may submit it to the Chair. To demonstrate that all requirements are met, you will need documentation concerning the structure of the course, any work to be submitted or exams to be taken, and a course timetable. Please also attach a reading list where available.

Once the course has been recognized, you will need to fill in one of the following forms (depending on your degree programme) to apply for a Learning Agreement:

L. A. Bachelor
L. A. Master
L. A. Kulturwirte
L. A. European Studies

The Evaluation Form is provided here as a download. Before the credits you earned abroad can be recognized by the examinations office, the form must be submitted to the research assistants together with an official transcript from the partner university. Failing this, credits earned abroad cannot be recognized. The credits shall be converted according to the so-called Bavarian Formula ("Bayerische Formel").

Upon your return to Germany, please bring the Form for the Conversion of Credits with you.


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