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Certificate of Intercultural Competence

Certificate of Intercultural Competence

The University's strong international focus creates the ideal environment to acquire international expertise and cross-cultural skills. As B.Sc. Business Administration and Economics students, you have the opportunity to study the Certificate of Intercultural Competence. For the certificate, you should combine:

  1. the 20 ECTS credits for the first or second foreign language (business track) with
  2. the 15 ECTS credits awarded for the General Studies module, which allows you to study courses offered by the other faculties.

Example: you choose Chinese as your foreign language, then choose courses from the International Cultural and Business Studies degree course which impart the social, political and/or historical background knowledge of your chosen cultural area, e.g. the seminar "Die Volksrepublik China zwischen Sozialismus, Tradition und Moderne" (The People's Republic of China – Socialism, Tradition and Modernity). The following cultural areas are available for the Certificate of Intercultural Competence:

  • the British and American cultural sphere
  • the French cultural sphere
  • the Iberian cultural sphere
  • the Italian cultural sphere
  • the East-Central-European cultural sphere
  • the Southeast Asian cultural sphere
  • the German cultural sphere

We strongly recommend focusing the ECTS credits earned sensibly on one cultural area – e.g. Business Chinese with Southeast Asian Studies courses. This cross-cultural component of your studies can be used to complement another focus, e.g. Management and Marketing. Naturally, the certificate can also be obtained in conjunction with other focus areas.

Upon completion of the courses you will obtain a certificate from the School of Business, Economics and Information Systems which looks something like this. To obtain the certificate, you should submit proof of completed coursework.


For enquiries related to the certificate you should contact Dr Elisabeth Müller at the Chair of International Management.

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