Chair of Strategic Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
The Chair's Mission Statement

The Chair's Mission Statement

Global networks and digitization, technological discontinuities, demographic shifts, and the related groundbreaking social changes pose fundamental challenges to decision makers around the globe. The aim of the University of Passau and its initiative "Technik Plus" is to thoroughly illuminate the developments and consequences of the networked society and to support organizations and their leaders in dealing with these challenges. All of us at the Chair of Strategic Management, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship are firmly committed to these goals, in both our research and our teaching.

We view the current shifts in technology and society as opportunities and risks, not only for companies but also for ourselves, the scientific community and universities. Traditional approaches, logics, and styles are increasingly being questioned, and managerial and entrepreneurial decisions are becoming ever more complex. We strongly believe that in such a world our core ambition needs to be to encourage imaginative, critical, and socially conscious thinking and acting.

We aim to educate young adults to become creative decision makers who see meaning in entrepreneurship and in taking responsibility. We view scientific, reflective thinking not only as a “sine qua non” but rather as the defining element of university education. It is our task to convey to future decision makers an understanding of how they can recognize, anticipate, analyze, and successfully solve problems in entrepreneurial and social contexts. At the same time, we view it as our obligation to promote the respective social, communicative, and leadership skills that students and executives need to realize their individual potential and their entrepreneurial ideas. In this, we consider university education as endemically interdisciplinary: only if knowledge and skills from different fields are connected, we can come up with truly new and valuable ideas.

For us, teaching and research are reciprocal, interdependent, and indivisible activities. In collaboration with our diverse partners, we contribute to the scientific community through globally recognized, discipline-bridging research, which also makes us highly attractive for external funding. We collaborate closely with practitioners—in our research as well as in our university teaching and executive education. We regularly publish our research in major international outlets and we take an active role in scholarly conferences. In all our undertakings, the Chair aims to advance the purpose of the University of Passau, especially the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics and the "Technik Plus" initiative.

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10th EIASM Workshop

We are delighted to announce that the University of Passau will host the 10th EIASM Workshop on Top Management Teams and Business Strategy Research on June 6-7, 2019. more