Chair of Statistics
Prof. Dr. Harry Haupt
Faculty building of the School of Business, Economics and Information Systems

The Chair of Statistics is, in cooperation with the Teaching Unit of Statistics, responsible for the education of students in the areas of statistics, econometrics and quantitative methods. In addition, we fill the leading role in the trans-disciplinary computerised education of students in the field of statistics promoting the academically and practically relevant connection of a deep theoretical understanding and practical implementation.
In addition to developing methods of estimation and inference for semi- and nonparametric regression and for analysis and forecasting of complexly associated data structures, our current research focuses on various topics in applied and computational statistics. Among others, our projects are in the context of regional economics, market and manufacturing research, labor and real-estate markets. If you are interested in a cooperation in research or transfer or in writing a study thesis in the versatile discipline of statistics please contact us via email, with a research proposal or in an informal direct meeting with one of our team members.

Recent Publications

Econometrics and Statistics (to appear)
Haupt H.,
Schnurbus J. and W. Semmler, Estimation of grouped, time-varying convergence in economic growth.

Journal of Applied Econometrics (Vol. 32, 2017, pp 1039-1042 )
Schnurbus J., Haupt H. and V. Meier, Economic transition and growth - A replication.

Regional Science and Urban Economics (Vol. 60, 2016, pp 260-275 )
Fritsch M., Haupt H. and P.T. Ng, Urban house price surfaces near a World Heritage Site: modeling conditional price and spatial heterogeneity.

Econometric Theory (Vol. 32, 2016, pp 686-713)
Oberhofer W. and H. Haupt, Asymptotic theory for nonlinear quantile regression under weak dependence



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