School of Business, Economics and Information Systems


First-rate research output

The School of Business, Economics and Information Systems is highly successful with regard to its research output. Academics at the school published approximately 80 articles in peer-reviewed journals in 2017-18. About one quarter of these appeared in journals seen as leading in their respective fields (A+ or A). Moreover, members of the school held approximately 80 presentations at national and international conferences.

18 doctorates were successfully completed in the academic year 2017-18. We have a strong international network and are highly active in various types of academic committees (participating in editorial boards, presiding over academic committees, etc.).

The school also has strong institutes and research centres.

Support for early career researchers

In the summer semester of 2011, the school introduced a structured doctoral programme. Complementary events include brown bag seminars, colloquiums for doctoral candidates and seminars on research methods.

We encourage our doctoral students to submit their research to German and international conferences and attend these if accepted. We also encourage our early career researchers to publish their academic output in world-class journals with a suitable peer-review process.