Chair of Marketing and Services
Corporate Relations

Corporate Relations

The Chair as a partner for companies

The Chair of Marketing and Services serves as a scientific centre of competence for questions regarding Services Marketing, Price Management, Customer Relationship Management and Business-to-Business Marketing. As a result we offer applied research results as well as various possibilities for cooperation. We consider ourselves to be an open-minded cooperation partner and offer the following forms of collaboration:

A. Dialogue

Guest lectures and case studies of companies

By cooperating closely with companies, we want to provide students with valuable insights into the business world and particularly relevant questions which emerge in companies. Present your company during a guest lecture and talk about your everyday work as well as not-so-trivial tasks and challenges. In doing so, our students can support you by developing and presenting solutions for your business cases. A team of students will work on your questions via case studies. Give students an insight into your company - such as Adidas, Deutsche Bahn or PERI have done before - and profit from solution-oriented results.

Consultation of companies

Our team with practical experience and diverse market sector knowledge (i.a. automotive, home appliances, logistics, telecommunications) and research focuses, is happy to give advise in all different areas of marketing. For this purpose we develop strategic and tactical marketing concepts and recommendations. Furthermore, we are the right contact in terms of market research and data analysis. We are also pleased to mediate contacts for market and tourism research to CenTouris.

B. Project activities

Theses in cooperation with companies

Company-related theses offer numerous advantages to both students and companies. The selection of the students and topics occurs in close coordination between the company and Chair of Marketing and Services. Students are expected to prove their scientific capability by writing their theses. Thereby companies can bring expert knowledge, data and their own questions. We will take over the competent supervision through an employee of the Chair of Marketing and Services. Next to the development of business-relevant topics, companies will have the opportunity to get in touch with talented and engaged students. This can be interesting for both sides with regard to a possible employment.

Mutual research projects with companies

Within the scope of mutual research projects, companies profit from the methodological and textual competencies of the Chair of Marketing and Services. We analyse questions from business environments by applying the current scientific methods and by using our international network. Promote scientific progress and receive direct recommendations from the knowledge gained. Following you can find an overview of our current research areas.

C. Qualification

Specialist presentations in companies

Learning new things, sharing knowledge, proceeding together: We actively promote the continuous development of qualifications and competencies of students and practitioners. As strategic partner of companies, we offer demand-oriented qualification measures.

Management development

We are engaged in management development. The focuses are reflected by our research interests and comprise of marketing- and sales topics as well as questions regarding market-oriented management. Main learning objective is the mediation of application-relevant knowledge.

D. Recruiting

Job advertisements

During our daily work we are in manifold contact with talented and engaged students. We are pleased to communicate your advertisements for internships, working student positions, theses and/or traineeships to our students. Furthermore, we would be happy to discuss with you sponsorship opportunities and the question of how to present your company at the University of Passau in a most adequate way.

Recruiting seminars

Going beyond usual job advertisements, we are offering recruiting seminars specifically for interesting and interested students. This will take place in close coordination with a responsible employee at the Chair of Marketing and Services.

Selection of cooperation partners