Chair of Finance and Financial Control



Chair                                             Room            Phone                     Email

Prof. Dr. Niklas Wagner               103 (Wiwi)    0851/509-3240       Prof. Wagner


Office                                            Room            Phone                     Email

Andrea Huber                               102 (Wiwi)    0851/509-3241        Frau Huber

Fax  0851/509-3242


Assitant Professors                    Room             Phone                     Email

PD Dr. Axel Buchner                    105 (WiWi)     0851/509-3245        Dr. Buchner

Dr. Harald Kinateder                    101 (Wiwi)     0851/509-3243        Dr. Kinateder


Research Assistants                  Room             Phone                     Email

Patrizia Perras                             104 (WiWi)      0851/509-3244       Frau Perras

Alexander Attensberger             104 (WiWi)     0851/509-3244       Herr Attensberger

Julian Dillinger                             104 (WiWi)      0851/509-3244       Herr Dillinger