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New Master Seminar Summer 18 (in English): Lab and Field Experiments: Corruption, Conflict & Cooperation - Application from 15.1-19.2018

In the summer semester 2018, the chair offers a new master's seminar on "Lab and Field Experiments: Corruption, conflict & cooperation". The seminar replaces the lecture on Anticorruption and the seminar Experimental Economics. The seminar consists of two parts: In the first part, students learn the methodological basics of designing and conducting laboratory and field experiments, mainly by analyzing and discussing seminal experimental studies in the fields of anticorruption and conflict resolution. They also learn the basics of programming computer-based laboratory experiments in the program „z-Tree“ (Fischbacher, 2007) and smartphone-based (field) experiments in the software “classEx” (Giamattei, Lambsdorff 2015). In the second part, students apply this knowledge and design, program and run their own laboratory or field experiment and analyze the results. The seminar yields 10 ECTS (in case of a group work only 7 ECTS).

Previous participation in one of the following lectures is recommended: "Economics of Corruption","Game Theory","Behavioral Game Theory" or "Experimental Ethics". The application period runs from 15.01. -19.01.2018 (23:59). To apply, please complete the online form. You must also upload your HISQIS excerpt there.

The number of participants is limited to 10 persons. The allocation is made according to degree, progress and application date. The application is also open to students from Master Governance, Development and International Business and Cultural Studies.

| 09.01.2018