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Prof. Dr. Harry Haupt

Prof. Dr. Harry Haupt

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Current position at University of Passau

  • Vice-President for Research and the Advancement of Early Career Researchers and International Matters (since 04/2014)
  • Full Professor of Statistics (since 09/2012)

Academic curriculum vitae

  • 05/2002: Dr (Econometrics), U Regensburg
  • 06/2002 - 12/2006: Assistant Professor, U Regensburg
  • 12/2006: Habilitation (Venia legendi Econometrics & Statistics),  Habilitation Award U Regensburg
  • 01/2007 - 10/2007: Associate Professor, U Regensburg
  • 10/2007 - 09/2012: Full Professor of Econometrics and Statistics, U Bielefeld
  • since 09/2012: Full Professor of Statistics, U Passau

Recent funded projects

Scientific community

  • Advances in Statistical Analysis: Associate Editor (since 2014)
  • German Statistical Society (DStatG): Chairman of Committee Statistical Theory and Methodology (since 2012)
  • Verein für Socialpolitik: Member of Committe Econometrics (since 2011)

General fields of interest

  • Statistical and econometric theory
  • Applied econometrics and statistics

Current research interests

  • Modeling, estimation and forecasting complex data structures
  • Flexible semi-/nonparametric & nonlinear regression methods
  • Data science & statistical learning
Wintersemester 2018/19

Journal articles

  • Behm S., Haupt H. and A. Schmid [forthcoming] Spatial detrending revisited: Modelling local trend patterns in NO2-concentration in Belgium and Germany, Spatial Statistics
  • Haupt H., Schnurbus J. and W. Semmler [2018], Estimation of grouped, time-varying convergence in economic growth, Econometrics and Statistics 8, 141-158
  • Scholz M., Schnurbus J., Haupt H., Dorner V., Landherr A. and F. Probst [2018] Dynamic Effects of User- and Marketer-Generated Content on Consumer Purchase Behavior: Modeling the Hierarchical Structure of Social Media Websites, Decision Support Systems 113, 43-55
  • Schnurbus J., Haupt H. and V. Meier [2017], Economic transition and growth - A replication, Journal of Applied Econometrics 32, 1039-1042
  • Fritsch M., Haupt H. and P.T. Ng [2016], Urban house price surfaces near a World Heritage Site: modeling conditional price and spatial heterogeneity, Regional Science and Urban Economics 60, 260-275
  • Oberhofer W. and H. Haupt [2016], Asymptotic theory for nonlinear quantile regression under weak dependence, Econometric Theory 32, 686-713
  • Haupt H. and J. Schnurbus [2015], A nonparametric approach to modeling cross-section dependence in panel data: Smart regions in Germany, in: Stemmler M., von Eye A. and Wiedermann W. (eds.) Dependent Data in Social Sciences Research. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 145, 345-367.
  • Haupt H., Kagerer K. and W.J. Steiner [2014], Smooth quantile based modeling of brand sales, price and promotional effects from retail scanner panels, Journal of Applied Econometrics 29, 1007-1028.
  • Haupt H., Lösel F. and M. Stemmler [2014], Quantile regression analysis and other alternatives to ordinary least squares regression: A methodological comparison on corporal punishment, Methodology 10, 81-91.
  • Kauermann G., Haupt H. and N. Kaufmann [2012], A hitchhiker's view on spatial statistics and spatial econometrics for lattice data, Statistical Modelling 12, 419-440.
  • Haupt H. and K. Kagerer [2012], Beyond mean estimates of price and promotional effects in scanner-panel sales-response regression, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 19, 470-483.
  • Haupt H., Kagerer K. and J. Schnurbus [2011], Cross-validating fit and predictive accuracy of nonlinear quantile regressions, Journal of Applied Statistics 38, 2939-2954.
  • Ernstberger J., Haupt H. and O. Vogler [2011], The role of sorting portfolios in asset pricing models, Applied Financial Economics 21,1381-1396.
  • Haupt H. and V. Petring [2011], Assessing parametric misspecification and heterogeneity in growth regression, Applied Economics Letters 18, 389-394.
  • Haupt H., Schnurbus J. and R. Tschernig [2010], On Nonparametric Estimation of a Hedonic Price Function, Journal of Applied Econometrics 25, 894-901.
  • Haupt H., Schnurbus J. and R. Tschernig [2010], Statistical validation of functional form in multiple regression using R, in: Vinod, H.D. (ed.) Advances in Social Science Research Using R, Lecture Notes in Statistics - Proceedings 196, 155-166, Springer, New York.
  • Haupt H. and W. Oberhofer [2009], On asymptotic normality in nonlinear regression, Statistics and Probability Letters 79, 848-849.
  • Haupt H. and W. Oberhofer [2006], Generalized adding-up in systems of regression equations, Economics Letters 92, 263-269.
  • Haupt H. and W. Oberhofer [2006], Best affine unbiased representations in the fully restricted general Gauss-Markov model, Journal of Multivariate Analysis 97, 759-764.
  • Haupt H. and W. Oberhofer [2005], On autoregressive errors in singular equation systems, Economics Bulletin 3(54), 1-3.
  • Oberhofer W. and H. Haupt [2005], The asymptotic distribution of the unconditional quantile estimator under dependence, Statistics and Probability Letters 73, 243-250.
  • Haupt H. and W. Oberhofer [2005], Stochastic response restrictions, Journal of Multivariate Analysis 95, 66-75.
  • Haupt H., Oberhofer W. and T. Reichsthaler [2003], A varying-coefficient approach to estimation and extrapolation of household size, Mathematical Population Studies 10, 249-273.
  • Haupt H. and W. Oberhofer [2002], Fully restricted linear regression: a pedagogical note,Economics Bulletin 3(1), 1-7.
  • Oberhofer W. and H. Haupt [2001], Derivation and application of regionalized Input-Output tables: a case study, in: W. Pfähler (ed.), Regional Input-Output Analysis, HWWA Studies 66, 63-73.

Working papers & Proceedings

  • Oberhofer W. and H. Haupt [under revision], Quantile estimation of the censored nonlinear regression model for dependent data.
  • Haupt H. and V. Meier [2011], Dealing with heterogeneity, nonlinearity and club misclassification in growth convergence: A nonparametric two-step approach, Institute of Mathematical Economics Working Papers 455.
  • Ludsteck J. and H. Haupt [2007], Testing wage and hiring standards adjustments using fixed effect quantile regressions, Working Paper.
  • Hamella S. and H. Haupt [2007], Suitability of WES data for forecasting inflation, in: Goldrian, G. (ed.), Handbook of Survey-Based Business Cycle Analysis, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.
  • Haupt H. and S. Waller [2000], Economic analysis and short-term forecasting with ESI data, in: K.H. Oppenländer, G. Poser, and B. Schips (eds.), The use of survey data for industry research and economic policy, CIRET Conference Proceedings.
  • Haupt H. and W. Oberhofer [1999], Estimation of singular seemingly unrelated regression equations, Econometric Society World Congress 2000 Contributed Papers 398.

Books and edited volumes

  • Haupt H. and C. Hsiao [2011], Introduction to the special issue: Interdisciplinary aspects of panel data analysis, AStA-Advances in Statistical Analysis 95(4), 325-529.
  • Haupt H. [2006], Essays in Econometric Theory, Unpublished Habilitation Thesis.
  • Haupt H. [2002], Die Charakteristika des hedonischen Gutes Wohnung - Eine ökonometrische Analyse, Frankfurt a.M., Lang, Europäische Hochschulschriften, Reihe V, Band 2935 (Dissertation).

Other confabulations and reviews

  • Haupt H. [2010], Firpo, S., Fortin, N.M. & T. Lemieux (Econometrica 77, 953-973, 2009), Mathematical Reviews MR2531365.
  • Haupt H. [2009], Dedecker, J. et al. (Weak dependence: with examples and applications, Springer, Lecture notes in statistics 190, 2007), Advances in Statistical Analysis 93, 119-120.
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  • Amler R., A. Gumann, L. Arnold and H. Haupt [2006], Geschäftsprognose mit Konjunkturindikatoren bei Siemens Automation and Drives, Publicis Corporate Publishing.
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  • Voßkamp T., H. Haupt et al. [2003], Der Volkswirtschaftliche Nutzen des Flughafen Frankfurt/Main.
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  • Haupt H., W. Oberhofer and T. Reichsthaler [1999], Haushaltsvorausberechnung für Südtirol 1998-2010, ASTAT Schriftenreihe 68, Autonome Provinz Bozen-Südtirol.

Recent conferences and workshops
  • Session organizer (with J. Schnurbus & M. Fritsch) "Semi- and nonparametric methods for nonlinear regression ", 12th International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics, Pisa, December 2018
  • Session organizer (with J. Schnurbus & M. Fritsch) "Semi- and nonparametric methods for nonlinear regression ", 11th International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics, London, December 2017
  • Organizer/co-organizer section "Statistical Theory & Methodology", "Statistische Woche", 2018 (Linz), 2016 (Augsburg), "Statistische Woche", 2015 (Hamburg), 2014 (Hannover), 2013 (Berlin)
  • Co-Organizer/Head (with J. Schnurbus) of Section "Smoothing Categorical Regressors", Statistische Woche, 2015 (Hamburg)
  • Co-Organizer (with Y. Okhrin) of Main Session "Forecasting of Complex Data Sets", Statistische Woche, 2016 (Augsburg)
Referee services
  • Applied Mathematics
  • AStA - Advances in Statistical Analysis
  • Computational Statistics
  • Economics Bulletin
  • Journal of Applied Econometrics
  • Journal of Applied Statistics
  • Journal of Multivariate Analysis
  • Journal of the American Statistical Association
  • Mathematical Population Studies
  • Mathematical Reviews
  • Quantitative Economics
  • Statistical Methodology
  • Statistical Modelling
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