Chair of Statistics



You can find an overview of academic publications, working papers and conference participations on the page of the team.

Research interests

Currently the research of the Chair of Statistics focuses on developing estimation and inference for semi- and nonparametric regression methods. The main focus lies on kernel and spline estimation of (conditional) moments, quantiles, distributions, et cetera. Besides fundamental research such as the design of semi- and nonparametric forecasting methods for (high dimensional) panel data we work on many aspects of applied statistics. At the moment we especially deal with digital and regional economy, psychology, market and manufacturing research, real-estate- and labor markets.

Research topics

  • Semi- and nonparametric regression methods: kernels, splines, quantiles 

  • Panel Forecasting methods

  • Applied statistics: Regional-, real estate- und labor market economics, demographics, market research

  • Econometric and statistical theory