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Computerised Statistics

Computerised Statistics

What is computerised statistics(CS)?

Computerised statistics is an additional trans-faculty offer of the University of Passau and it includes diverse computerised statistic courses. In addition to the classes offered already by the faculty of Business and Economics, further courses at the faculties of Mathematics and Informatics and the Philosphical Faculty are in the planning stage.

Why is CS important?

Besides methods of descriptive statistics for data analysis inductive statistics is relevant for facilitating decision making under uncertainty. This concerns not only relevant in a business and economic context, but also for purposes concerning medicine, physics, et cetera.

In practice there are not many statistical issues that can be solved by hand. Therefore the skill of computerised data analysis is a highly essential competence and becomes more and more important. Particularly with regard to the increasing amount of data available in a networked society, the courses are intended to impart the knowledge of computerised data analysis to the participants.

Target group

  • CS courses are part of the master's programmes Business Administration, International Economics and Business, and Business Computing.
  • All participants, i.e. members of the Graduiertenzentrum, Master's degree students of any field, Bachelor's degree students and external participants (external participants have to pay a participation fee) can take part in CS courses. Participants who successfully pass the exam will receive a certificate proving the acquired skills.

Welche Kurse werden angeboten?

Wintersemester 2014/2015

Sommmersemester 2015

In Planung

  • Simulationen mit R
  • Nichtparametrische Verfahren mit R
  • Räumliche Statistik mit R
  • Einführung in EViews
  • Einführung in SPSS
  • Einführung in Stata


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