School of Business, Economics and Information Systems
Mission statement

Mission statement

We are a young, particularly innovative and dynamic business and economics school that enjoys an excellent reputation in the German-speaking world as well as on an international level. We put significant effort into raising our visibility in Europe and abroad as a school dedicated to excellence in both teaching and research, as well as to further strengthen our renown. Economic and societal relevance, a focus on innovation and an interdisciplinary approach are the cornerstones of our research activities, which comprise basic and applied research and knowledge transfer. We further emphasize our mission statement by our motto "Change, Renew, Create".

An optimal environment for research

We pool our resources in the focus areas Accounting, Finance and Taxation (AFT), Economics (ECON), Management, Innovation, Marketing (MIM), Information Systems (WINF) and Quantitative Methods (QM) to create an optimal research environment. We have outstanding competences in these areas and cooperate with renowned national and international research partners. We initiate and actively participate in interdisciplinary and faculty spanning projects at the University of Passau. Our school is open to interested and motivated researchers from all over the world. Our research output is primarily documented by publications in leading peer-reviewed journals as well as talks at prestigious conferences. High-calibre appointments are an important instrument with which we ensure the constant excellence of research carried out within the school. In all this, we are fully committed to diversity and gender equality.

Imparting competences

We impart our students the competences that allow them to act proactively and responsibly in a complex and competitive environment. Based on a solid theoretical foundation, our students learn how to actively shape the digital transformation. We support our students in developing analytical and creative skills and encourage them in business creation initiatives or their start in a management career in business and society. Apart from an economically oriented attitude, we promote students’ international orientation and impart intercultural understanding and the importance of fair play and reciprocity. This goes along with raising awareness for sustainability and the long-term economic, social and ecological impacts of their actions. The culture of the school is characterized by respect, appreciation and mutual support. The school supports the overarching objectives of the University, with the networked society and digitalization being the leading themes.