School of Business, Economics and Information Systems
Chairs and Teaching Units

Chairs and Teaching Units

Accounting, Finance and Taxation (AFT)

Business AdministrationFocus on:
Professor Manuela MöllerAccounting and Auditing
Professor Robert ObermaierAccounting and Control
Professor Oliver Entrop Banking and Finance
Professor Niklas WagnerFinance and Financial Control
Professor Markus DillerTax Management
Lecturer Business Administration
MS Tanja SteinhuberBusiness Administration Teaching Unit
Lecturer for the Teacher Training Programmes
Gerhard Hopf, Senior LecturerTeaching Unit for the Teacher Training Programmes

Economics (ECON)

Economics Focus on: 
Professor Sebastian KrautheimInternational Economics
Professor Michael Grimm (Dean)Development Economics
Professor Stefan BauernschusterPublic Economics
Professor Johann Graf LambsdorffEconomic Theory
Lecturer Economics
Dr Oliver Farhauer, Senior LecturerEconomics Teaching Unit 
Honorary Professor
Professor Dr Jörg PetersDevelopment Economics

Management, Innovation, Marketing (MIM)

Business AdministrationFocus on:
Professor Rodrigo Isidor (Interim Chairholder)International Management
Professor Marina Fiedler Management, People and Information
Professor Jan H. Schumann (Vice Dean) Marketing and Innovation
Professor Dirk Totzek (Dean of Studies)Marketing and Services
Professor Carolin Häussler Organisation, Technology Management and Entrepreneurship
Professor Andreas KönigStrategic Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Information Systems (WINF)

Information Systems Focus on: 
Professor Thomas WidjajaBusiness Information Systems
Professor Franz LehnerInformation Systems with a focus on Information and IT Service Management
Professor Jan KrämerInternet and Telecommunications Business
Professor Hans ZieglerProduction and Logistics
Lecturer Information Systems
Dr Hans Achatz, Senior LecturerInformation Systems Teaching Unit
Assistant Professorship and Research Group
Dr Michael Scholz, Assistant ProfessorE-Commerce
Dr Daniel SchnurrResearch Group Data Policies
Honorary Professor
Professor Dr Andreas PfeiferInformation Systems

Quantitative Methods

Quantitative Methods
Professor Harry HauptStatistics and Data Analytics
Lecturer in Statistics
PD Dr Joachim SchnurbusSenior Lecturer in Statistics