School of Business, Economics and Information Systems
Research institutes

Research institutes

CenTouris is a research institute for tourism-related research projects. It supports companies and public-sector entities operating in the tourism sector in the development and evaluation of tourism-focused strategy concepts and marketing initiatives. One example of a long-standing successful partnership with Bavarian regions and companies is Tourismusbarometer Bayern (the Bavarian Tourism Barometer).

The Centre for Market Research carries out contract market research for private and public-sector partners. It is involved in large-scale research projects of the University of Passau, such as the BeEmobil and PREMIUM projects. Equipped with its own staff of interviewers and using statistical methods, the institute carries out comprehensive market research projects. Moreover, the institute offers tailored consulting services.

The PAULA Experimental Laboratory is used by researchers of the School of Business, Economics and Information Systems to examine individuals' economic decision-making. The laboratory provides both the technology and a large number of test persons. Students and non-students are encouraged to participate in PAULA surveys.

The International Centre for Economics and Business Studies (ICEBS) provides targeted support for internationalising the research output of the School of Business, Economics and Information Systems. ICEBS helps international visiting scholars with their research projects and teaching assignments while at the University of Passau. ICEBS has three key aims: promote collaboration with internationally renowned academics from abroad, facilitate world-class research projects and boost the potential of early career researchers by exposing them to new concepts and research methods.

The Institute of Private Financial Planning (ifp) is a centre of excellence for financial planning and consultancy for private households. Its research output is concerned with developing business processes and instruments to improve financial planning and financial advice for customers. Moreover, ifp is concerned with needs-based financial advice for private households.