School of Business, Economics and Information Systems
Recent publications

Recent publications

Selected publications of the School of Business, Economics and Information Systems

Researchers at the School of Business, Economics and Information Systems are regularly published in leading German and international academic journals. Below is a selection of our current publications.


Entrop, O., Merkel, M. F. (2018), Managers’ Research Education, the Use of FX Derivatives and Corporate Speculation, Review of Managerial Science, forthcoming.

Haupt H., Schnurbus J., Semmler, W. (2017), Estimation of grouped, time-varying convergence in economic growth, Econometrics and Statistics, forthcoming.

Jakob, E. A., Isidor, R., Steinmetz, H., Wehner, M. C., Kabst, R. (2018), The Other Side of the Same Coin - How Communal Beliefs About Entrepreneurship Influence Attitudes Towards Entrepreneurship, Journal of Vocational Behavior, forthcoming.

König, A., Graf-Vlachy, L., Bundy, J., Little, L. M. (2018), A Blessing and a Curse: How CEO's Trait Empathy Affects Their Management of Organizational Crises, Academy of Management Review, forthcoming.

Krämer, J., Schnurr, D., Wohlfarth, M. (2017), Winners, Losers, and Facebook: The Role of Social Logins in the Online Advertising Ecosystem, Management Science, forthcoming.


Graf-Vlachy, L. (2019), Like student like manager? Using student subjects in managerial debiasing research, Review of Managerial Science, 13, 2, 347-376.

Hofer, K. M., Niehoff-Hoeckner, L. M., Totzek, D. (2019), Organizing and Implementing Export Pricing: Performance Effects and Moderating Factors, Journal of International Marketing, 27, 1, 74-94.


Behm, S., Haupt, H., Schmid, A. (2018), Spatial detrending revisited: Modelling local trend patterns in NO2-concentration in Belgium and Germany, Spatial Statistics, 28, December, 331-351.

Bensch, G., Grimm, M., Huppertz, M., Langbein, J., Peters, J. (2018), Are Promotion Programs Needed to Establish Off-Grid Solar Energy Markets? Evidence from Rural Burkina Faso, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 90, 1060-1068.

Easley, R., Guo, H., Krämer, J. (2018), From Network Neutrality to Data Neutrality: A Techno-Economic Framework and Research Agenda, Information Systems Research, 29, 2, 253-272.

Eickholt, M., Entrop, O., Wilkens, M. (2018), What Makes Individual Investors Exercise Early? Empirical Evidence from Non-Tradable Fixed-Income Products, Journal of Banking and Finance, 97, 318-334.

Gehrke, E., Grimm, M. (2018), Do cows have negative returns? The evidence revisited, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 66, 4, 673-707. 

Grabrucker, K., Grimm, M. (2018), Does crime deter South Africans from self-employment? Journal of Comparative Economics, 46, 2, 413-435.

Haupt, H., Schnurbus, J., Semmler, W. (2018), Estimation of grouped, time-varying convergence in economic growth, Econometrics and Statistics, 8, 141-158.

Hüttel, B., Schumann, J. H., Mende, M., Scott, M., Wagner, C. (2018), How Consumers Assess Free E-Services: The Role of Benefit-Inflation and Cost-Deflation Effects, Journal of Service Research, 21, 3, 267-283.

Kammerlander, N., König, A., Richards, M. (2018), Why Do Incumbents Respond Heterogeneously to Disruptive Innovations? The Interplay of Organizational Domain Identity and Role Identity, Journal of Management Studies, 55, 7, 1122-1165.

König, A., Mammen, J., Luger, J., Fehn, A., Enders, A. (2018), Silver Bullet or Ricochet? CEOs' Use of Metaphorical Communication and Infomediaries' Evaluations, Academy of Management Journal, 61, 4, 1196-1230.

Leinsle, P., Totzek, D., Schumann, J. H. (2018), How Price Fairness and Fit Affect Customer Tariff Evaluations, Journal of Service Management, 29, 4, 735-764.

Luoma, J., Falk, T., Totzek, D., Tikkanen, H., Mrozek, A. (2018), Big Splash, No Waves? Cognitive Mechanisms Driving Incumbent Firms’ Responses to Low-Price Market Entry Strategies, Strategic Management Journal, 39, 5, 1388-1410.

Moser, S., Schumann, J. H., Von Wangenheim, F., Uhrich, F., Frank, F. (2018), The Effect of a Service Provider’s Competitive Market Position on Churn Among Flat-Rate Customers, Journal of Service Research, 21, 3, 315-335.

Schosser, J., Wilhelm, J. (2018), Costly state verification and truthtelling: A note on the theory of debt contracts, Economic Theory Bulletin, 6, 2, 129-139.

Scholz, M., Schnurbus, J., Haupt, H., Dorner, V., Landherr, A., Probst, F. (2018), Dynamic Effects of User- and Marketer-Generated Content on Consumer Purchase Behavior: Modeling the Hierarchical Structure of Social Media Websites, Decision Support Systems, 113, 43-55.

Thursby, J. G., Haeussler, C., Thursby, M. C., Jiang, L. (2018), Prepublication disclosure of scientific results: Norms, competition, and commercial orientation, Science Advances, 4, 5, 1-14.


A. Pallegedara and M. Grimm (2017), Demand for private healthcare in a universal public healthcare system: Empirical evidence from Sri LankaHealth Policy and Planning: 32 (9): 1267-1284.

Bauernschuster, S., Hener, T., Rainer, H. (2017), When Labor Disputes Bring Cities to a Standstill: The Impact of Public Transit Strikes on Traffic, Accidents, Air Pollution and Health, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 9, 1, 1-37.

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