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New publication in the Academy of Management Journal

Last week, the Academy of Management Journal – one of the leading outlets for management research worldwide – has accepted the paper "Silver Bullet or Ricochet? CEOs’ Use of Metaphorical Communication and Infomediaries’ Evaluations," written by Andreas König, Jan Mammen (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg), Johannes Luger (University of Sankt Gallen), Angela Fehn (University of Bamberg) und Albrecht Enders (IMD Lausanne), for publication.

The authors combine literature on rhetoric and socially situated sensemaking to illuminate the challenges that emerge when chief executive officers (CEOs) try to influence infomediaries by using metaphorical communication—figurative linguistic expressions that convey thoughts and feelings by describing one domain, A, through another domain, B.

Specifically, they theorize that, because different infomediaries are situated in different thought worlds, CEOs’ use of metaphorical communication has contradictory effects on journalists’ and securities analysts’ evaluations: While it triggers more favorable statements from journalists, it prompts more unfavorable assessments from analysts. Moreover, König et al. integrate findings from cognitive psychology to argue that these contradictory effects increase the more a firm’s performance falls behind market expectations.

These hypotheses find support in an extensive analysis of 937 quarterly earnings calls in the U.S. pharmaceutical, hardware, and software industries, and of journalists’ statements and analysts’ earnings forecasts and recommendations.

The novel theorizing and findings suggest that the use of discursive frames, especially in the form of metaphorical communication, in firms’ interactions with critical audiences creates thought-provoking and thus far neglected dilemmas. In developing and testing these thoughts, the study contributes to and links ongoing conversations in management science, especially discussions of organizational reputation, executive communication, and impression management. The paper has also numerous practical implications for corporate leaders, journalists, analysts, corporate communication consultants, investors, and readers of the business press.

We will shortly provide the link to the published paper.

| 11.09.2017


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