Chair of Marketing and Services


Research at the Chair of Marketing and Services

The overarching idea of research at the Chair of Marketing and Services is to analyze decisions of managers and customers that are relevant to the field of marketing. Our work
(1) draws on diverse theories and concepts from marketing research and related disciplines and
(2) is mainly based on empirical insights that are gained through the analysis of primary data.

We primarily apply a quantitative-empirical research approach employing multiple research methods (e.g., survey and experimental research) and adopting state-of-the-art methodological developments. Our research is geared to highest international standards and aims at dealing with questions that are highly relevant to both science and practice. We strive to regularly present and discuss our research at international conferences and to continuously publish our work in leading international academic journals.

Research at the chair focuses on the following four areas: Pricing, Services Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, and Business-to-Business Marketing. 


We deal with pricing issues from a customer as well as from a management perspective. For example, we study how price complexity is perceived by customers, how price fairness affects customers’ buying decisions, and how customers choose between tariffs. On the other hand, we analyse why suppliers offer price discounts to some of their business clients, which type of pricing best supports the introduction of new products (in cooperation with researchers of the European Business School), and how pricing can be optimized in multi-channel distribution systems.

Selected publications

Services Marketing

Services Marketing is another central research area at the Chair of Marketing and Services. We examine, for example, reasons that induce clients to adopt innovative services. Furthermore, we deal with the characteristics of knowledge-intense services, so called Professional Services, and shed light on different aspects of the employee-customer-interaction in a Professional Services context.

Selected publications

  • Totzek, D., Maar, D. (2016), Professionelle Dienstleistungen: Zentrale Charakteristika und Managementherausforderungen, in: Corsten, H., Roth, S. (Eds.), Handbuch Dienstleistungsmanagement, München, 461-479. (in German)

Customer Relationship Management

In the field of Customer Relationship Management we work, among other topics, on questions that relate to the management of customer portfolios and to the preferential treatment of customers. Currently, we explore whether short-term investments in customer relations such as discounts pay off in the long run.

Selected publications

Business-to-Business Marketing

We are particularly interested in relationships between companies across different areas of marketing (e.g., pricing, relationship marketing, services research). In this context, we are especially addressing the specificities of pricing in business-to-business markets. For instance, we currently investigate the economic and customer-related outcomes of price negotiations and explore the design of complex contracts between business partners.

Selected publications