Chair of Marketing and Innovation
Chair of Marketing and Innovation

Prof. Dr. Jan H. Schumann is the holder of the Chair of Marketing and Innovation since 2012. His main research interests cover topics in the areas of online marketing, technology and innovation marketing, management of customer relations, international marketing, and service pricing.

Students are provided with a wide range of introductory and advanced courses. We focus on a well-founded quantitative and qualitative methodological education to ensure a challenging preparation for a professional career in practice and research

We carry out research projects in cooperation with firms as well as national and international research partners. Our research focuses on topics with high management and scientific relevance.


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Hüttel, B., Schumann, J. H., Mende, M., Scott, M., & Wagner, C. (2018). How Consumers Assess Free E-Services: The Role of Benefit-Inflation and Cost-Deflation Effects. Journal of Service Research, 21(3), 267-283. (VHB3: A)

Anderl, E. M., Becker, I., v. Wangenheim, F. & Schumann, J. H. (2016). Mapping the customer journey: Lessons learned from graph-based online attribution modeling. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 33(3), 457–474. (VHB3: A)

Schumann, J. H., v. Wangenheim, F., & Groene, N. (2014). Targeted Online Advertising: Using Reciprocity Appeals to Increase Acceptance Among Users of Free Web Services. Journal of Marketing, 78(1), 59–75. (VHB3: A+)



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