Chair of Development Economics
Unlocking potential

Unlocking potential

Tackling economic, institutional and social constraints of informal entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa

This project is funded by the Austrian, German, Norwegian, and Korean Government through the IZA/World Bank’s Multi Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) Project: ‘Labor Markets, Job Creation, and Economic Growth, Scaling up Research, Capacity Building, and Action on the Ground’.

The project is jointly undertaken with Afristat Bamako, Dial Paris, IfW Kiel and GIGA Hamburg. Prof. Michael Grimm is the director of the project.

Funding from the MDTF started in 2009 and ended in November 2011. Follow-up research, in particular field work in Burkina Faso, is currently financed through other sources. The follow up research focuses on capital market constraints of micro and small enterprises as well risk sharing and adverse incentives to invest, the measurement of risk aversion and risk perceptions as well as of time discount rates.

Details about the project can be found here.