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Research Seminar in Economics

Research Seminar in Economics

When the University is in session, the seminar takes place on Wednesdays in HS 4 (PHIL) at 12:15 pm (if not indicated otherwise).

Faculty members are invited to present and discuss their current work. We also encourage you to invite guest speakers.

Presentations are held in English and should not exceed 1.5 hours (including discussion).

If you have any questions or would like to present at our seminar, please contact Dr. Marina Dodlova.

Presentations Winter term 2018/19

17.10.2018Dr. Aixa García-Ramos (University of Passau)The Mexican Drug War: Elections and Homicides
31.10.2018Prof. Dr. Joachim Winter (LMU Munich) Dynamics and Heterogeneity of Subjective Stock Market Expectations
07.11.2018Dr. Mathias Iwanowsky (IIES, Stockholm University; LMU Munich)Property rights, Resources, and Wealth
21.11.2018Prof. Katja Kaufmann, Ph.D. (University of Mannheim)Learning Spillovers in Conditional Welfare Programs: Evidence from Brazil
28.11.2018Prof. Dr. Michael Kosfeld  (Goethe University Frankfurt)Incentives and the Sorting of Motivated Agents
12.12.2018Dr. Michael Kuhn (Vienna Institute of Demography) Health Insurance, Endogenous Medical Progress, and Health Expenditure Growth
19.12.2018Prof. Dr. Melis Kartal (University of Vienna)A New Approach to the Analysis of Cooperation Under the Shadow of the Future: Theory and Experimental Evidence
16.01.2019Prof. Dr. Christian Traxler (Hertie School of Governance)Punishment and Specific Deterrence: Evidence from Speeding Tickets
30.01.2019Prof. Dr. Jörg Peters (University of Passau, RWI Essen)TBA

Presentations - Summer term 2018

18.04.2018Michael Rochlitz, Ph.D. (LMU München)Independent Media and Elections: Experimental Evidence from Russia (with Nikita Zakharov, Koen Schoors and Ruben Enikolopov)
25.04.2018Prof. Humberto Llavador, Ph.D (Pompeu Fabra University)Inequality Reducing Properties of Income Tax Schedules
02.05.2018Prof. Davide Cantoni, Ph.D. (LMU München)Persistence and Activation of Right-Wing Political Ideology (with Felix Hagemeister and Mark Westcott)
16.05.2018Dr. Olga Popova (IOS Regensburg)Weather Shocks and Foregone Working Years: A Gender Perspective
30.05.2018Prof. Dr. Stephan Heblich (University of Bristol)East Side Story: Historical Pollution and Persistent Neighborhood Sorting
13.06.2018Dr. Andreas Landmann (Paris School of Economics)Can Pro-Sociality Change with Becoming Elected: Evidence from Local Leaders in the Philippines
20.06.2018Prof. Dr. Christian Traxler (Hertie School of Governance)Experience with Punishment and Specific Deterrence: Evidence from Speeding Tickets
27.06.2018Dr. Matthias Uhl (TUM School of Governance)Beware of Toothless Tigers: Ineffective Whistleblowing Triggers Misconduct
04.07.2018Prof. Dr. Jens Suedekum (Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf)German Robots - The Impact of Industrial Robots on Workers
11.07.2018Dr. Matthias Hertweck (Deutsche Bundesbank)The Persistent Effects of Monsoon Rainfall Shocks in India: A Nonlinear VAR Approach

Presentations - Winter term 2017/18

25.10.2017Prof. Alex Moradi, Ph.D. (University of Sussex)The Economics of Missionary Expansion and the Compression of History (with Felix Meier zu Selhausen and Remi Jedwab)
08.11.2017Prof. Dr. Sebastian Krautheim (University of Passau)The International Organization of Production in the Regulatory Vacuum (with Philipp Herkenhoff)
22.11.2017Dr. Esther Gehrke (University of Göttingen)Consumption Risk and Human Capital Accumulation in India (with Andrew Foster)
29.11.2017Bilal Barakat, Ph.D. (Vienna Institute of Demography, IIASA)The Demography of Education and International Development
13.12.2017Susanna Grundmann
(University of Passau)
Money Illusion and Intentions in an Experimental Labour Market (with Marcus Antonio Giamattei and Johann Graf Lambsdorff)
20.12.2017Dr. Bettina Siflinger (Tilburg University)A Life Cycle Perspective on Unbalanced Sex Ratios in Germany Caused by World War II and their Effect on Fertility
17.01.2018Dr. Jens Ruhose (University of Hannover)International Emigrant Selection on Occupational Skills
24.01.2018Prof. Dr. Jörg Peters (RWI Essen)Social Norms and Energy Conservation Beyond the US
31.01.2018Dr. Renate Hartwig (CRED, Namur)Eliciting the Willingness to Pay for Eyeglasses. Theory and Evidence from Burkina Faso (with Michael Grimm)

Presentations - Summer term 2017

26.04.2017Dr. Philipp Meinen (Deutsche Bundesbank)Mark-up responses to financial shocks (with Sven Blank)
10.05.2017Prof. Christina Felfe, Ph.D. (University of St. Gallen)Discrimination, Immigration and Naturalization: Combining a Natural Experiment with a Large Scale Behavioural Experiment at Schools
17.05.2017Prof. Dr. Oliver Falck (Ifo, LMU Munich)Returns to ICT Skills (with Alexandra Heimisch and Simon Wiederhold) (Room changed! IM SR040)
24.05.2017Dr. Konstantin Wacker (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz )Is There Poverty Convergence (with Jesus Crespo Cuaresma and Stephan Klasen) (Room changed! IM SR040)
31.05.2017Prof. Dr. Philipp Harms (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)Offshoring and sequential production chains: a general-equilibrium analysis (with Jaewon Jung and Oliver Lorz) (Room changed! NK SR205)
07.06.2017Prof. Christophe Muller, Ph.D. (Aix-Marseille University)Transborder Ethnic Kin and Regional Prosperity: Evidence from Night-Time Light Intensity in Africa (with Pierre Pecher) (Room changed! ISA SR008)
14.06.2017Prof. Dr. Aderonke Osikominu (University of Hohenheim)Short-Term Effects of Seconday School Tracking in Germany: A Disaggregated Synthetic Control Approach (with Gregor Pfeifer and Kristina Strohmaier)
21.06.2017Prof. Gabriel Felbermayr, Ph.D. (CESifo)Brexit Through the Lense of New Quantitatve Trade Theory (Room changed! ITZ R017)
28.06.2017Prof. Dr. Holger Strulik (University of Göttingen)Hunger and Health Deficits: Childhood Shocks and Aging in 13 European Countries
05.07.2017Prof. Marianne Simonsen and Prof. Lars Skipper (U. Aarhus)

Piling Pills? Forward-looking Behavior and Stockpiling of Prescription Drugs.

Reducing Entitlements in Sickness Insurance - Evidence from a Danish Natural Experiment

12.07.2017Dennie van Dolder, Ph.D. (University of Nottingham)Game Show Economics
19.07.2017Prof. Mark Stemmler, Ph.D. (Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)Person-Centered Methods: Advanced Contingency Table Analysis
26.07.2017Prof. Dr. Matthias Greiff (TU Clausthal) Possible Problems within the Field of Experimental Economics

Presentations - Winter term 2016/17

19.10.2016Dr. Andreas Fuchs
(Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics, Heidelberg University)
Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China's Foreign Assistance
26.10.2016Davide Sala, Ph.D. (Passau University) [Start: 12:00]Acquiring International Experience Makes Firms also Exporting? A Lesson from a Wage Posting Model
16.11.2016Ramona Molitor (Passau University)Catch Me If You Can - Speed Limit Enforcement, Media Announcement, and Traffic Accidents
22.11.2016 Prof. José de Sousa (Paris Sud University) [SR 17, HK14b, 18:15]Market Integration and Convergence in Consumption Patterns (with Thierry Mayer and Eve Sihra)
07.12.2016Renate Hartwig, Ph.D. (CRED, Namur University)Coalitions and policy implementations: Theory and Evidence from Indonesia
14.12.2016Dr. Marcus Giamattei, Dr. Katharina Werner, Prof. Graf Lambsdorff (Passau University)Inducing Honesty - First Ideas for an Experimental Setup
21.12.2016Prof. Dr. Stefan Bauernschuster (Passau University)Bismarck's Health Insurance and the Mortality Decline 
11.01.2017Prof. Dr. Göran Kauermann (LMU Munich)Statistical Models for Network Data Analysis - A Gentle Introduction
18.01.2017Prof. Dr. Urs Fischbacher (Konstanz University)Who Runs? Honesty and Self-Selection into Politics
25.01.2017Dr. Christian Schellhase (Bielefeld University)Non-parametric Estimation of Counterfactual Distributions for Munich Rent Survey
01.02.2017Katrin Huber (Passau University)All We Need is Love? Trade-Adjustment, Inequality and the Role of the Partner
08.02.2017Prof. Dr. Andreas Peichl (ZEW)Do Savings Increase in Response to Salient Information About Retirement and Expected Pensions (with Mathias Dolls, Philiopp Dörrenberg and Holger Stichnoth)
15.02.2017Dr. Lucas Molleman (Max-Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin)Peer Effects in Norm Compliance

Presentations - Summer term 2016

11.05.2016Dr. Christoph Strupat (DIE)From Protection to Reduction? – The Impact of the Public Health Insurance Scheme on Child Labor in rural Ghana
18.05.2016Maria Adelaida Lopera (LMU)Evidence of Conditional and Unconditional Cooperation in a Public Goods Game: Experimental Evidence from Mali
01.06.2016Dr. Marcus Giamattei and Prof. Graf Lambsdorff (Passau University)Who Inflates the Bubble? Analysts and Traders in Experimental Asset Markets - An Experimental Design
08.06.2016Dr. Katharina Werner (Passau University)Team Reasoning – Experimental Evidence on Cooperation from a Smartphone Soccer Game
22.06.2016Prof. Dr. Andrea Weber (WU Vienna)The Effects of the Early Retirement Age on Retirement Decisions (jointly with Day Manoli)

Asankha Pallegedara, Ph.D. (Passau University and Wayamba University of Sri Lanka )

Demand for Private Healthcare in a Universal Public Health Care System. Empirical Evidence from Sri Lanka
06.07.2016Prof. Dr. Zeno Enders (Heidelberg University)Growth Expectations, Undue Optimism, and Short-Run Fluctuations
13.07.2016Prof. Dr. Martin Halla (Innsbruck University)Cutting Fertility? The Effect of Cesarean Deliveries on Subsequent Fertility and Maternal Labor Supply

Presentations - Winter term 2015/16

14.10.2015Pro. Dr. Benjamin Jung (Hohenheim University)Market size effects in New New Trade Theory
21.10.2015Rosario Crino, Ph.D. (CEMFI Madrid)The Hidden Cost of Globalization: Import Competition and Mental Distress
04.11.2015Prof. Dr. Jan Krämer (Passau University)Number effects in oligopoly experiments: How many competitors are enough to ensure competition?
25.11.2015Dr. Wendy Janssens (Free University Amsterdam and Amsterdam Institute of International Development) Wealthy, Healthy and Insured: Evidence of Cash Constraints from Financial and Health Diaries in Nigeria
02.12.2015Dr. R.O. Babatunde (University of Ilorin, University of Passau) Care at Old Age: the Impact of a Cash Transfer Scheme for the Elderly in Nigeria
16.12.2015Prof. Dr. Michael Grimm (Passau University)Rainfall risk and fertility: Evidence from farm settlements during the American demographic transition
13.01.2016Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kohler (Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen)Global Sourcing of Heterogenous Firms: Theory and Evidence
20.01.2016Prof. Dr. Andreas Roider (University of Regensburg )Whistle-Blower Protection: Theory and Experimental Evidence
27.01.2016Prof. Dr. Uwe Sunde (LMU Munich)Malaria Risk and Civil Violence: A Disaggregated Analysis for Africa
03.02.2016Andrea Guariso (KU Leuven)Rainfal Inequality, Political Power and Ethnic Conflict in Africa
03.02.2016Prof. Denis Cogneau (Paris School of Economics)State-building, public investment and living conditions in former French West Africa 1880-1960

Please note that Prof. Cogneau's presentation will take place at 4 p.m. in Room SR 211 NK.

Presentations - Summer term 2015

15.04.2015Katrin Huber (Passau University)Moving to an earnings-related parental leave system - do heterogeneous effects on parents make some children worse off?
22.04.2015Michael Scholz, Ph.D. (Passau University)Economics of Word-of-Mouth
29.04.2015Rita Motzigkeit (Passau University) Welfare effects of increased food prices: the tortilla crisis revisited
04.05.2015Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Nagel (Pompeu Fabra University)De-framing rules to De-anchor Beliefs in Beauty Contest Experiments: Keynesian level–k vs. Keynesian Sentiments
06.05.2015Prof. Dr. Robert Lensink (Universität Groningen)Do Gender and Business Trainings Affect Business Outcomes? Experimental Evidence from  Vietnam
13.05.2015Prof. Dr. Johannes Rincke (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Nürnberg-Erlangen) Corruption and Social Capital Formation
20.05.2015Prof. Dr. Guido Schwerdt (Universität Konstanz)Virtual Schooling and Student Learning: Evidence from the Florida Virtual School
27.05.2015Prof. Dr. Graf Lambdsdorff & Marcus Giametti & Katharina Werner (Passau University)Team Spirit - Experimental Evidence from the 2014 FIFA World Soccer Cup
03.06.2015Susanna GrundmannWhen to Cheat? - Balancing Tax Morale and Financial Gains
10.06.2015Prof. Dr. Ludger Wößmann (ifo, LMU Munich) Virtually No Effect? Different Uses of Classroom Computers and their Effect on Student Achievement
17.06.2015Renate Hartwig, Ph.D.Strategic Positioning: the Insurance Function of ROSCAS revisited
24.06.2015Andreas Orland (Potsdam University)Fairness Versus Efficiency: How Procedural Fairness Concerns Affect Outcomes in a Coordination Game
01.07.2015Davide Suverato, Ph.D. (LMU Munich)Export and the Labor Market: a Dynamic Model with on-the-job Search
08.07.2015Ramona Molitor (Passau University)The birth order relationship revisited - child health and education 

Presentations - Winter term 2014/15

Nov. 5, 2014Prof. Anna Raute, PhD (University of Mannheim)Do financial incentives affect fertility- Evidence from a reform in maternity leave benefits
Nov. 12, 2014Dany Jaimovich, PhD (Goethe University Frankfurt)Does ethnic diversity decrease economic interactions? Evidence from exchange networks in rural Gambia (joint with Jean-Louis Arcand)
Nov. 19, 2014Dr. Elena Groß (University of Bayreuth)Water Supply and Water Handling - Complements or Substitutes for Quality Improvements (with Isabel Guenther and Youdi Schipper)
Nov. 26, 2014Dr. Kristina Czura (LMU)Willingness to pay for microinsurance and flexibility: Evidence from an agricultural investment lab-in-the-field experiment in Senegal (joint with Alain de Janvry, Vianney Dequiedt, and Elisabeth Sadoulet)
Dec. 3, 2014Dr. Erik Hornung (Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, Munich)The Evolution of Individual Property Rights in the Process of Development (joint with Quamrul Ashraf, Francesco Cinnirella, Oded Galor and Boris Gershman)
Dec. 10, 2014Dr. Gonzague C. L. Vannoorenberghe (Tilburg University)Volatility and diversification of exports: firm-level theory and evidence (with Zheng Wang and Zihong Yu)
Dec. 17, 2014Dr. Timo Hener (ifo Institute Munich) Age Gaps in Marriage (with T. Wilson und D. Anderberg)
Jan. 7, 2015Marcus Giamattei (University of Passau)Cold Turkey vs. Gradualism - Evidence on Disinflation Strategies from a Laboratory Experiment
Jan. 14, 2015Prof. Dr. Stefan Bauernschuster (University of Passau)When Labor Disputes Bring Cities to a Standstill: The Impact of Public Transit Strikes on Traffic, Accidents, Air Pollution and Health
Jan. 21, 2015Prof. Dr. Stephane Straub (Toulouse School of Economics)The Brasilia experiment: road access and the spatial pattern of long-term local development in Brazil (joint with Julia Bird)
Jan. 28, 2015Prof. Dr. Jochen Kluve (HU Berlin)Parental Benefits and Mothers’ Labor Market Outcomes in the Medium Run (joint with Sebastian Schmitz)

Presentations - Summer term 2014

April 16Volker Nagel, Universität PassauThe Low Returns to Impression Management: Experimental Evidence from a Looting Game
(with Prof. Graf Lambsdorff)
April 30 Nadia von Jacobi, Università degli studi di Pavia, Italien Can the context mediate macro-policy outcomes?
Contextual differences in the returns to Bolsa Familia in Brazil
May 7Fadima Yaya Bocoum, Institut de Recherche en Sciences de Santé (IRSS), Ouagadougou und
University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, Südafrika
Using a discrete choice experiment for improving retention policy of health care staff in Burkina Faso
May 14Prof. Dr. Arjun Bedi, Erasmus University Rotterdam, NetherlandsEthiopia's Community Based Health Insurance Scheme: Enrollment and Impact
May 21Tim Schmidt-Eisenlohr Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign No Guarantees, No Trade: How Banks Affect Export Patterns
May 28Prof. Dr. Oliver Kirchkamp, Universität JenaHow do Incentives affect Creativity?
June 18Davide Sala Ph.D., University of Southern DenmarkEthnic Diversity and Firms’ Export Behavior
June 25Prof. Paul Glewwe Ph.D., University of Minnesota, USADecomposing Gaps in Student Learning in Developing Countries: Evidence from Vietnamese and Peruvian Panel Data
June 30
(Please note that this is a Monday and the seminar will take place in room WIWI 301)
Prof. Christina Gathmann Ph.D., Uni HeidelbergSpillover Effects in Local Labor Markets: Evidence from Mass Layoffs
(joint with Ines Helm and Uta Schönberg)

July 9Prof. Albrecht Glitz Ph.D., Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, SpanienInformation Flow in Networks of Former Coworkers (with Rune Vejlin)

Presentations - Winter term 2013/14

16.10.2013Rudolf Winter-Ebmer, Universität LinzThe role of firms in retirement behavior
30.10.2013Helmut Rainer, ifo-Institut MünchenUnemployment and Domestic Violence: Theory and Evidence
27.11.2013Ken Harttgen, ETH ZürichDesired and Excess Fertility in Developing Countries: Economic Development or Women’s Empowerment (with Isabel Günther)
04.12.2013Vibhuti Mendiratta, Paris School of Economics Long term impact of Electrification in Rural India
11.12.2013Christoph Sajons, Universität FreiburgBirthright citizenship and education - Do immigrant children need a passport to thrive?
22.01.2014Katharina Werner, Uni PassauGruppenidentität und Diskriminierung - eine experimentelle Untersuchung zur Friedenskonsolidierung in Indonesien
29.01.2014Igna Bonfrer, Erasmus University RotterdamIncentives to overcome inadequate performance of health care providers in Burundi
05.02.2014Oliver Farhauer, Uni PassauDer Einfluss regionaler Wohnungsmarktbedingungen auf die Obdachlosigkeit
12.02.2014Stephan Klasen, Universität GöttingenWhat explains the stagnation of female labor force participation in urban India?