Chair of Accountancy and Auditing
Learning Agreement

Learning Agreement

Prior to your studies abroad:

Step 1: Selection of courses at the foreign university:

Once you have chosen one or more courses offered at the foreign university, please check whether they meet the following prerequisites:


  • Be comparable towards courses offered at the chair in terms of content and time exposure. This applies to courses that are accredited for a specific course at the chair.


  • Contents with reference to the teaching and scientific focus of the chair in case the course shall be accredited within major in AFT (Accounting, Finance, Taxation).

Step 2: Application of a Learning Agreement

In order to apply for a learning agreement we kindly ask you to hand forward the following documents to Mr. Neumeier:

  • a course description that contains at least the following information:
  1. Detailed structure of the course
  2. Information regarding relevant literature of the course
  3. Information regarding the time schedule, targeted type of students, and required prerequisites.

Please make sure that the information provided is either in English or in German!

Step 3: Issue of a Learning Agreement:

Promptly after handing in the application, we will contact you in order to inform about the possibility of an issue of a learning agreement or whether further information will be required. After successful examination we inform you when to pick-up the learning agreement at the chair's office.

After your studies abroad:

Step 4: In order to recognize your examination result, please hand-in the following documents at the examination office:

  • Learning Agreement
  • An Evaluation sheet of the student completed by the professor of the forein university.


If you have further questions about learning agreements please contact Mr. Neumeier via e-mail or during office hours.