Chair of Economic Theory
Learning Agreements

Learning Agreements

Here you can find an overview of the most important information on Learning Agreements.

Courses in the master programme International Economics and Business

  • Industrial economics
  • Advanced macroeconomics
  • Game theory
  • Behavioral economics
  • Monetary economics
  • Auf Antrag können weitere, dem Lehrangebot nahe stehende Veranstaltungen geprüft werden.

Here you can find the application form for a Learning Agreement. The chair will check the equivalence of the courses at the international university on a individual basis. For this, please hand in a description of the course as well as following information via email:

  • Name of the course and the university
  • Literatur used in the course
  • Description of the content of the course
  • Type and length of examination
  • Number of hours per week
  • Length of the semester at the international university
  • Link to description of course

If the documents are in German, English, Spanish, Italian or Indonesian, they do not have to be translated. Otherwise, please provide a translation.

Please send all documents via email to Susanna Grundmann  (

Here you can find a list of the Learning Agreements that were approved inthe last few semesters. This list shall help you to find courses at the international university which have a good chance of being approved. Please note that it is necessary to hand in all documents for these courses, too, because we need to check whether the topics taught in these courses have changed in the meantime. The list is only meant to help you and serves as an example, you can also hand in an application for a Learning Agreement for courses that are not listed here.

If the equivalence of course is approved, we will provide you with a Learning Agreement. After you have returned to Passau from your semester abroad, you are required to go to Prof. Dr. Graf Lambsdorff's office hours to have your Learning Agreement signed again. You can then hand it in to the Dean's office.