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Master Theses

Master Theses


Immatriculation in Master programme International Economics and Business

Please note: this page only concerns master theses. If you want to write a bachlor thesis at the chair of economic theory, please refer to the German pages of the chair's website.


Master theses are commonly written as independent academic paper. The candidate proposes a topic which needs to be discussed and agreed upon with the chair (see below).

In rare exceptions, a topic will be provided by the chair. In this case, the candidate can communicate a preference for a subject area (Behavioral Economics, Economics of Corruption or Monetary Economics).

Length of thesis
Own topic100.000-120.000 characters
Topic provided by chair90.000 characters


Should candidates wish to conduct an experiment for their Master thesis, the chair will assist with the application for funds. Due to the increased supervision requirements for laboratory experiments, the candidate needs to grant the chair the right for further use and possibly publication of the data.

For orientation purposes, please take a look the  list with examples of topics that have been supervised at the chair up to date. Please note that these topics will not be assigned again.

Please be sure to take note of the hints and formalities for writing a thesis (Length, Supervision, Style and more).


Please contact one of team members of the chair to discuss the scope of your thesis. Depending on your topic, you should approach the following persons:

Dr. Marcus GiamatteiExperimental Economics, Behavioral Macroeconomics
Susanna GrundmannExperimental Economics, Behavioral Macroeconomics
Dr. Katharina WernerExperimental Economics, Economics of Corruption

Please apply for a master thesis by handing in your currect HISQIS excerpt as well as a short proposal describing your topic. You do not need to provide a structure at this point in time. Your proposal should briefly answer the following questions:

1) Which lectures or methodological basis does the thesis build on?

2) Which literatur will you use? (please list examples/papers)

3) Why do you think this topic is interesting? In what way could someone (for example a fellow student) benefit from reading your thesis?

Electronic version

Please send us an electronic version of your thesis via email. Please do not hand in a USB stick.