Chair of Accounting and Control


Head of chair

Obermaier, Robert, Prof. Dr.+49(0)851/509-3270WIWI 210


Name Telefon Raum
Haberl, Ulrike +49 (0)8 51/5 09-32 71 WIWI 211

Research Assistants

Name Telefon Raum
Kaiser, Florian +49(0)851/509-3274 WIWI 214
Mosch, Philipp +49(0)851/509-3275/1577 WIWI 213/N12 114
Schweikl, Stefan +49(0)851/509-3273 WIWI 212
Wilke, Bettina +49(0)851/509-3273 WIWI 212

Student assistants

Name Telefon Raum
Fritz, Manuela    
Krauss, Milena    
Sigl, Sebastian    
Sterl, Franziska    

Office hours

Please note the opening hours of each assistant which are to be found on their personal side.