Chair of Accounting and Control
Research focus

Research focus

The chair of Prof. Dr. Robert Obermaier strongly focuses on scientifically demanding but also practically relevant research.

Research focus

Major areas of research are (1) accounting and management control, (2) company valuation and value-based management, (3) supply chain controlling as well as (4) planning and decision-making.

Management Accounting und Controlling

(1) In the area of accounting and management control Prof. Obermaier addresses himself to questions regarding support for decision-making and influencing behaviour in private organizations as well as public institutions.

Company valuation and value-based management

(2) Company valuation and value-based management refers to the strategic and financial outlook of financial performance measurement as well as the value of entire corporations or shareholdings.

Supply chain controlling

(3) Supply chain controlling assesses the central links of process performance towards financial performance of a firm.

Corporate planning and decision-making

(4) In the field of corporate planning and decision-making Prof. Obermaier addresses methodical questions, normative concepts as well as behavioural aspects of rational planning and decision-making.




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